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Polish National Catholic Church Kewanee IL

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Father Jerry Rafalko 
I would Like to welcome you to this website and invite you to visit our church.
God Bless You and your family

In response to Gods'

call, our mission is to serve God, to live life according to Christs' principles, and to
grow spiritually through faithful worship and participation in the sacraments

Basic Beliefs and Principles

We believe and worship only one God, in three Divine Persons,

distinct from and equal to each other; that is to say Father, Son and the Holy Spirit.

We believe in the Catholic doctrines of the Incarnation, Passion, Death, Resurrection and Ascension of our Lord Jesus Christ.

We believe in the personal union in Christ of two natures, the divine and the human.

We honor the Virgin Mary as the Mother of God and hold the true

Catholic doctrine of the virgin birth of Christ.

We believe in the true, real, spiritual presence of the Body and Blood of our Lord Jesus Christ in the Most Holy Sacrament of the Eucharist.

We believe in the Seven Sacraments instituted by Jesus Christ for the

salvation of mankind.

·        The fundamental principles of the Polish National Catholic Church are based upon the Holy Scripture as the true rule of faith. 

·        The Apostle's Creed is the baptismal symbol and the Nicene Creed is accepted as the sufficient statement of the Christian faith.


October 25th,1927 - The Rt. Rev. Bishop Leon Grochowski came to Kewanee to discuss with the people and the decision was made to start a new Parish of the Polish National Catholic Church in Kewanee.
April 22nd,1928 - The lot was bought for the new church.
September 16th,1928  - Blessing of the ground for the church by the Rev. M. F. Dymsza and Rev. Helistel.
December 25th,1928 - The first Mass at the Holy Trinity Church was celebrated by the Rev. M.F. Dymsza.  (Christmas Midnight Mass).
The Charter members of the Holy Trinity Parish were: Jan Ziolko, Jan Draminski, and Eliasz Prusator.
The members of the First Parish Committee were: Jan Draminski, Antoni Kubinski, Eliasz Prusator, Konstanty Jachowicz, Pawel Rodak and Waclaw Skowronski. Victoria Monceski- Trustee
September 16th,1928 - The Church Building Committee was elected. The members were: Mateusz Klimkiewicz, Waclaw Skowronski, Jozef Bulakowski, Jan Grudzinski, Bartlomiej  Wysowski, Jan Draminski, and Jan Ziolko.
The first pastor was the
Rev. M. Dymsza,
followed by the
Rev. F. Mazur,
Rev. I. Doktor,
Rev. Wojciech Liszka,
Rev. Walenty Grabek,
Rev. B. Cisniewicz,
Rev. Czeslaw Lach,
Rev. W. Wojec,
Rev. E. Mlynarczyk,
Rev. St. Tyburski,
Rev. J. Siembida       (1958-1975);
Rev. M. Barski          (1975-1978); 
Rev. Z. Sokolski        (1979-1983);
Rev. St. Miskiewicz    (1984-1987);
Rev . M. Juszczec      (1987 - 1990);
and from March 26th  1990 to the  present time
Rev. Jaroslaw / Jerry / Rafalko.
The PNCC is democratic
in nature
Parish Committee
Elected by the parish
Chairman - Thomas Greiner
Vice-Chair- Mike VanHyfte
Treasurer-  Nana Verstraete
Treasurer-  Sandra Kursock
Secretary-  Kathy Erdmann
Secretary-  Catherine Hughs
Secretary - MaryJo Gibson
Nancy Ball,
Edward L. Kubinsky
Paul Lamb .

Parish Tribunal:

Atty. Robert Rennick SR

Bert Erdmann


Building advisory board:

Mike Kubinsky SR

Bert Erdmann

MaryJo Gibson

Joe Warner

Martin Gibson

Paul Lamb

Edward Sturtevant    
  • Parish Meetings
    • held every year to elect committee members
    • call for actions necessary to parish welfare
    • review parish reports, etc.
    • special meetings may also be called as needed
  • Parish Committee
    • elected by parish
    • at least 9 members serve to assist the pastor
    • fulfill parish and synodial resolutions
    • keep records, etc.
  • - See more at: http://www.pncc.org/?page_id=15#sthash.2GPgylKA.dpuf
    The Parish Meeting
      Held every year to elect   committee members
    Discuss improvements/welfare
    of church
    Review parish reports, etc.
    special meetings may be called
    as needed 
    The Pastor
    Appointed by the bishop to
    guide Church members in Faith, organize the church school and
    administer parish business