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Our  Events   Calendar  for   2018


March  10th                             Saturday  St. Joseph Supper –

4:00 -  7:00 P.M.                        Polish Sausage, Mashed potatoes, Pierogies,

                                                Kraut, Corn, Green Beans, Pies, Coffee

                                               Donation: Adults:  $10.00

                                               Children Age 10-4: $ 4.00   Under 4:  Free



April  8th                                 Sunday Easter Brunch,

10:30 A.M.                              Polish Sausage, Ham, Potatoes, Eggs, Pies

                                                            Easter Eggs Hunt for children

 Donation: Adults:  $10.00

                                                Children Age 10-4: $ 4.00   Under 4:  Free



July 4th , Wednesday - Lunch with Polish Food in the church hall            

9:30 – 1:30 P.M.                       Polish Sausage sandwich, Cabbage Rolls,

                                                      Kraut, Pierogies


Open House

90th Anniversary of the parish  -  Sunday August 12th

                                    Time will be announced


Hog Days Parade Float – 90th Anniversary of the parish


90th Anniversary Celebration -  Saturday - September 15th

                                                            Time will be announced

Prime Bishop of the Polish National Catholic Church Most Rev. Anthony Mikowsky and our Diocesan Bishop Stanley Bilinski will attend our celebration.

October 13th ,                         Saturday  Polish Sausage Supper-

4:00 – 7:00 P.M.            Polish Sausage, Potatoe & Cheddar    

                                       Pierogies, Mashed potatoes, Kraut, Corn,

                                      Green Beans,  Pies, Coffee

Donation: Adults:  $10.00      

Children Age 10-4: $ 4.00   Under 4:  Free


November 1st  through 21st  Holiday Sale of Polish food   

                                                Time to order Polish Food      


December 1st    ,            Saturday    Polish Food Sale: Pick up day 

10:00 A.M.- 2:00 P.M.             Fresh Polish Sausage, Cabbage rolls pierogies.                                                   

Polish Sausage sandwich for lunch and 

Bake sale – Ladies Adoration Soc.


December – 5th – Wednesday -Christmas Party- Ladies

                                                     Adoration Society


December 14th  -  Saturday   Parish Christmas Party

4:00 P.M

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